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On Communication Evolution

Posted on: June 28, 2009

Thank God I wasn’t late for yesterday’s class unlike last week. It was an informative, enjoyable, and engaging 3-hour class as we discussed Communication Evolution. (Well, Sir Barry never fails to make every class and course subject he handled that way.)

Here are my insights and the things I learned from yesterday’s discussion regarding Communication Evolution:

  • Communication Evolution is best represented by the BIS Model. BIS stands for Broadcast, Interactive, and Social Media which are the three stages of Communication Evolution.
  • Broadcast– “we tell you”, which includes TV, newspaper, and magazines, is the first stage of the Comm Evolution. In this stage, people are treated as passive audience, taking-in all the information that is fed to them by the publishers, advertisers, and corporations, whether they like it or not. The publishers/corporations are the sole creators of whatever content there is that is shown through the channels enumerated. They spend millions for paid advertisements that dictate what people should eat, drink, and watch… the list goes on. They even make useless things seem to be a necessity for the society.
  • Interactive—“tell us what you think of what we tell you”, here, audience are taken into consideration, but still the voice of the consumers or audience is limited only to comments. Still, the corporations/publishers have the power to control the content. They may consider what the people would say, but still, there would be no guarantees that we would get what we want, do whatever we would want to do. We still don’t have the control over the content but we have the choice to voice out our opinions and feedback.
  • Social Media—“Tell each other” in the last stage of the communication evolution, we, the audience are co-creators and treated as proactive consumers. There is participation and collaboration between the consumers and producers of products/content/knowledge/information. However, because everyone has the freedom to control the content, credibility may be sacrificed.


At the end of the period, I realized that somehow, people are getting smarter and wiser these days. Now, publishers/producers make their lives easier (plus they save a lot of money) by collaborating with their target market. They now treat the community as proactive consumers who can distinguish things that they want and need from those that they don’t. Consumers/audience, on the other hand would not think that publishers/producers are morons impractical because of spending millions for a 30-second TVC that would not even be grasped and remembered by everyone who would be able to see it.

I guess nowadays, we really have to be wise enough to know what to believe in or not. I mean, because of the Internet where all the information that we need can easily be accessed, and where everyone has the freedom to post whatever they want, we really have to be critical in distinguishing which information are credible and relevant.


2 Responses to "On Communication Evolution"

yup, maybe proper discerment would help 🙂

indeed, no excuse to be ignorant or stupid in this day and age. definitely not for gen y. definitely not for gen Y in UP. and OrCom at that. 🙂

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