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5 things you might not know about me

Posted on: July 24, 2009

these are only two of the videos i watched during thsoe days that i dont have anything to do. oh. of course there’s always something school-related stuff to do. but being the very procrastinator that i am, i refuse to do more important things and indulge myself in what i like doing the most: playing games in facebook and watching videos in Youtube.

and these past few weeks, i found myself actually enjoying watching vlogs especially of the two above, HappySlip and the newest on my list of crushes, Kevjumba. i love watching their vlogs because they’re both witty and funny.

this is what i like about vlogs and blogs (and social media in general). we all have the chance to voice out our opinions, and share our insights and experiences, no matter how profound or shallow the topic is. now, thanks to social media, there is a new avenue for us to share a part of our lives that we want other people to know or to acknowledge (or just to let other  people know that we exist).

oh well, so much for my sabaw post. to end this, i’ll pretend that i was tagged by my crush Kevjumba and share 5 facts about me:

1. i love pigs. i have lots of stuffed pigs (?) in my room (none of them of which i actually bought), all are given by other people. Yay! i think pigs are cute and huggable and intelligent, and they’re PINK, ’nuff said. i have one that i hug everytime i would sleep (and im having a hard time sleeping without it). I even have one in my I.D. holder. a lot of people already told me that it is so dirty that i should remove and have it washed. And then i’d always answer them, “ganyan talaga yan, madudumi naman kaya talaga ang mga baboy!”. grr.

2. i am a very poor story teller. i think all of my friends can attest to this. i stutter and clutter and at times,  i can easily forget what i am talking about (ano nga ba yung kinukwento ko?). i actually envy people who can tel their stories through their blogs and vlogs because, unlike them, im always having a hard time expressing my thoughts and telling my stories. i may have a speech defect or something.

3. i love cherry-flavored ice cream. i dont want it just on top of my ice cream. i actually craved for it for two weeks. thank God for BTIC and Volare Gelato, i can have it any day (as long as i am in Manila).

4. i’m fond of reading greeting cards in bookstores. when i’m alone at a mall and want to kill time, i’d go to the bookstore and just read greeting cards. i dont want Hallmark cards though. i prefer humorous ones.

5. i was suspended for 1 week when i was in high school. err.


5 Responses to "5 things you might not know about me"

hahaha. funny post, specially the pig part. i remember a photo i have with a golden pig statue atop one of Shanghai’s tallest buildings. i was hugging the pig and we looked like long lost brothers who found each other in Shanghai. To cut the story short, that photo didn’t and will never appear in one my social networking sites. LOL. (if you force me ill give it to you for free as part of your collection–two pigs in 1 photo. hahahaha).

i should stop now.

hahaha. sir you made me laugh on that one. can i have it? my pigs would all be happy to have that picture as part of their (or our) pig family! =))

Hahaha. So this was the post you were talking about. Haha. Very funny entry. I remember when we were talking about greeting cards and how much you love reading them. Siguro dun ka kumukuha ng ideas. Haha. Purorooooooy. :)) Peace!

hahaha. aba nagcocomment ka na ngayon. hahaha. i don’t know, i just love reading greeting cards, is that weird? =))

haha. of course. 🙂
credits to you pala for introducing me to HappySlip.:)

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