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Unleashing the Power of US: A reflection post

Posted on: July 26, 2009

As much as i would like to make a reflection post on Cluetrain Manifesto because the language used by the author is conversational and easy to understand, i’d say that i also enjoyed reading my free copy (thanks Ryo!)  of Chapter 9 of Wikinomics, The Wiki Workplace: Unleashing the Power of Us. The antics/success stories made the reading understandable. I like that it is both informative and fun to read as well.

Anyway, through the reading i learned that:

pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work


i’ve learned this through the Geek Squad story of how they used the online game Battlefield 2 as a collaboration tool for him to communicate with his agents coming from different places. true enough, it is better to work on something you enjoy doing so much that you don’t regard it as work after all.

on the organizational level, heads of organizations have to realize that it would be a win-win situation for both sides if employers could keep their employees engaged and motivated to work. and being engaged and motivated would be transformed into accomplishments. the workplace would not be so much of hell and work stuffs would not be so much of a burden–and that means greater productivity and profit.

on a personal level, i think a person like me–someone with a very short attention span–would want and need most something that would help me keep motivated and engaged to whatever it is that im doing. Especially with regard to school stuff, which almost all the time bore me. Haha! That’s why i thank professors who take time to think of creative ways to present lessons for us students to be more engaged in learning. Fun activities and presentations make lessons simpler and easier to digest.

what won’t kill you will only mke you stronger

nowadays, the Web (and new social media) hasn’t only been an avenue for us to share our thoughts and collaborat with other people, it’s also a new place for us to bash other people, criticize everybody else’s ideas and opinion, and destroy each other’s reputation. but given the freedom on the Web to do whatever we want, i think things like these are inevitable there’s no way we can escape what seems to be unbearable.

on an organizational level, companies should always be optimistic whenever they are faced with controversies. they should see these as opportunities to improve their organizations.

on a personal level, well, i’ve learned to be somewhat indifferent to what other people think of me as long as i know that these things are not true. one of my philosophies in life (written for one of sir barry’s subject, what subject was that again? err.) is to not let other people’s words to affect me as long as it isn’t true for there are other poeple who know me better. i’ve learned to trust only the judgement of those people who know me very well. i know this philosophy is against the very essence of reputation but what i’m saying is that we should not let other people’s words discourage us to do what we want to do, be who we want to be, and to “shine”.

no man is an island

this is a cliche, but still works well in explaining the society’s current condition. At present, it would be very hard, nearly unimaginable for us to disconnect or isolate ourselves from the world. we are all interconnected and interdependent among each other. our needs depend on other people’s work and vice versa. we live in a world wherein we can stay connected with anybody no matter how far away they are away from us. especially in the Web, there’s so much platforms that we can use to connect with other people. with all these available avenues, it simply sends us the message that we cannot not collaborate with others. and that we cannot not communicate.

and we should all do ourselves a favor, and start collaborating with others.

which reminds me of a quote sent to me by a friend, “kung kaya ng iba, bakit hindi mo ipagawa sa kanila?”

haha. that was me trying to be funny. WTF!


9 Responses to "Unleashing the Power of US: A reflection post"

“kung kaya ng iba, bakit hindi mo ipagawa sa kanila?”–Haha

That is so funny. 🙂 However, it’s somehow making me paranoid. 😦 Could this mean that mass collaboration’s loophole is it will, somehow, make people lazy and dependent on others in a bad way? hmm…

haha. again, as what i said in my previous post (i can’t remember what post exactly), it depends on how people would utilize this type of new social media. yes, there could be a possibility that people would somehow depend to this kind of technology because it’s “fab and fast” (imagine wynne talking), unlike, let’s say, library research or something. but we, people, should learn how to use this new avenues for communication well.

Wow, Fiona! A post loaded with quotes-na-pang-GM — equipped with well-formed insights — winner! haha 🙂

Jhe, anong mga quotes and well-informed insights naman yon? hahaha. ang dami ko nang utang na mandatory comments. huhu.

Kudos! I like the quote.. haha

Officers in the organizations should really think of ways to keep their employees motivated to ensure productivity.

Inserting fun to work would I think can add creativity and enjoyment to the job.

thanks tahmee! =)
true enough, if organizations could think of ways to engage their employees, it would be beneficial to both parties in the end.

What won’t kill you will only make you stronger.


And yes, being indifferent has its merits (which is why I’m so working hard to be back on that track).

On the organizational level though, I do not think it’ll work. They need to constantly innovate to earn more. And innovation has to be, always, inspired by what the outside world thinks about them.

hahaha. emo. nakarelate ka na naman. hahaha.

and yes, just like what sir Barry taught us in the last three sems, PEOPLE FIRST. we always have to think about our target audience in every effort that we will make to reach out to them.

i wonder where OrCom fits in here 🙂

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