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My OrCom Journey

Posted on: August 31, 2009

When I was filling up my UPCAT form, i cannot really remember coming across the course BA Organizational Communication. I never had an idea that such course existed.

Just when i received a letter from UP Manila that i passed the exam and that i am free to choose any degree program with an available slot that i first encountered this course (that i never knew i’d actually love.)

when i was scanning the list of degree programs with available slots, i thought:

i dont want any BS course. i want my college life to be easy. (looking at the list) Pharmacy? 5 years? no. Industrial Pharmacy? WTH?! oh BA courses! wait what’s BA? Area Studies? Development Studies? Organizational Communication? hmn.

Organizational Communication? Eto na lang. ang gandang pakinggan eh.


1st choice: BA Organizational Communication

2nd choice: Dev Stud

3rd choice: Area studies


So there. that’s how i ended up in the degree program of BA Organizational Communication. Being in this degree program for four years now (not another year, please), i can say that this journey taught me a lot of things while making me enjoy the ride as well. what i love about this journey is that i get to learn new things that i can actually use when im already out in the new world (practical and applicable, that is. not just those things professors teach you just because). though most of the time, im struggling to keep up with all the school stuffs, i must admit, i actually learned to love Organizational Communication and the stress it brought me.


now, from what i learned from Ms. Ingrid Cudia of Sieg Web Solutions, posts should be clear, concise, and readable for both robots and humans (or something to that effect). here’s a hopefully clear, concise, and readable description of my orcom journey:


BA Organizational Communication (OrCom) aims to provide students with a comprehensive training in communication in dynamics operating within organizations. (UP Manila, CAS)

Organizational Communication has been defined in many different ways by many scholars. The following are only a few definitions that encapsulate this four-year degree program of the University of the Philippines Manila. Organizational Communication is (continue reading)


here are the major humps and bumps i encountered (and actually enjoyed) during my orcom journey.

OrCom 101– Introduction to Organizational Communication

ahh. my very first taste of a research on a real organization. here you’d learn about the fundamentals of Organizational Communication.

OrCom 104– Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication

i did enjoy this course subject very much. theories about how we interact with other people (e.g. telling lies, interpreting signs and symbols, our perception of the “other”) really amazed me. i never thought these things, things that seem so simple and are part of our everyday lives can actually be very complex that the would be the subject of numerous studies.

OrCom 105–  Dynamics of Public Relations

OrCom 142– Communication Processess and Organizational Structures

OrCom 152– Communication Trends and Styles

toxicity mixed with fun– i guess when you have sir barry as your prof, you’ll surely have one hell of a ride. lots of hands-on activities, real-life application of theories, laughtrips, and sleepovers.

Linguistics 100– Introduction to the Study of Language

i enjoyed this class though i scored 1/10 for our very first quiz. i learned that i should review my notes because the prof might give a pop quiz! i actually enjoyed transcribing it became my hobby for quite some time. haha. seriously.

these course subjects surely made my journey bumpy. but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and wiser, right?

click for the entire list of humps and bumps.


Study hard, party harder!

During my four years in OrCom, i guess that’s the statement we, OrCom students all tried to live by. Despite all the humps and bumps we encounter, we still know how to socialize and enjoy with our friends.

During my four years in OrCom, i learned how to juggle things well. i get to pass my subjects without forgetting to spend some quality time with my friends and loved ones.

During my four years in OrCom, i met some of the most amazing people i would want to have even after i graduate.

Yes, my four years in Orcom may actually be full of drama and conflicts but it was aall worth it spending it with amazing co-travellers.


Now what?

After the OrCom Journey, OrCom students may choose to have a career in:

Corporate Communications

Public Relations



Human Resources


and other communication/media-related paths.

to end this post, i shall quote some succesful OrCom alumni:

“…in this competitive world and society, you really really have to have different skills and different capabilities and Organizational Communication would be a best course for you to be able to train yourself more and to be able to be very very equipped in the corporate society.”

Nikko Tayag

OrCom Batch ‘08

works with Meralco

“It’s the most unique comm[unication] course ever!”

“If you want real adventure, take OrCom.”

Nino Gupana

OrCom Batch ‘06

works with Leo Burnett

(source: PRHS primer)


7 Responses to "My OrCom Journey"

i believe that the journey won’t end in April 2010, not because you won’t graduate, but because the real OrCom journey happens after you get your diploma 🙂

During my four years in OrCom, i met some of the most amazing people i would want to have even after i graduate.

– yeah. yeah. HAHA. i feel the same way. except for the even after i graduate part. woot.

but yes, orcom’s paved way for a real lot whether personal or academic.

hahaha. wag ka na magpanggap diyan ryo, i know you would want to be with us still after we graduate. hahaha.

yes, even if there were a lot of times i regret the day i took the UPCAT and OrCom as my degree because of all the toxicity and pressure, i still am glad i stayed. woot woot! =)

what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

thanks! =)

I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

A definite great read….

thanks for reading my blog! =)

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