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Robots vs Humans

Posted on: September 1, 2009

That Saturday when Ms. Ingrid Cudia was discussing about SEO, Sir Barry asked me what was i thinking after the discussion. I just said “wala po. (i think that has become a reflex) so i would not have to blurt out that stupid thought running in my mind that time and i was just bugging Angge about it. Haha!

Miss Ingrid said that that Google Robot thinks like a human. The advertisements that pops everytime we browse the web varies from one person’s preferences to another.

and that made me repeatedly ask myself (and Angge), “pwede kaya mangyari yung kagaya sa movie na Eagle Eye?” In the movie, there’s this computer that’s tasked to gather information to all people all over the world and can control virtually anything, and then later starts thinking like a human instructing the lead characters to put explosives on a hall where all the officials of the executive branch of the goverment gathers (or something to that effect). Can a robot have a mind of its own? Like what happened in movies like iRobot, Stealth, and Eagle Eye? Hey blame it on the silverscreen.

I should stop watching science FICTION movies. Grr. Seriously. What was i thinking?


2 Responses to "Robots vs Humans"

i actually thought it was your robot counterpart who wrote this. with all the typo issues here and there, who wouldn’t, right?

some proofreading before you hit the publish button will be a big help in making sure your post appear to be written by a person, not a robot 🙂

i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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