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The Break-Up

Posted on: September 1, 2009

here are some learnings i got from watching the vid on how to bring the love back .

“we dont talk anymore.”

In any type of relationship, be it a romantic or a corporate relationship, communication is very vital, two-way communication, that is. both parties should both take time to listen to what the other has to say. learnings come when we listen. when we listen, we would know what the other person really wants and needs, and therefore our efforts would not be futile.

Communication and relationships become epic failures when only one does the talking and the other one fakes the listening.

“you’re not behaving like you love me, it’s not genuine.”

in any type of relationship, it is important to let your partners feel how important they are, thet their opinions are heard, that their efforts are appreciated, and that they are valued genuinely. it is important to be consistent to what we say and do so not to create confusion.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

“i’ve changed and you haven’t.”

in any type of relationship, change is inevitable. there would be hard times when one seems to have a hard time keeping up. you should help each other mature and change for the better. you should learn to enjoy doing things together.

the key is growing together.


for OrCom practitioners:

if there are two things we can consider as our mantra in our OrCom 152 class, these are to embrace change and to listen to what our target audience would say.

we should never assume, we must listen to our target audinece well so that we would know what platforms or types of  media we should put our efforts in.

two-way communication is the key.


6 Responses to "The Break-Up"

Haha, relationships — and yes, Fiona’s one source people should trust about relationships ;P

I agree with those points you’ve raised.

Hmm.. Just a thought here, would reciprocity be enough to meet those “relationship expectations”? 🙂

“Haha, relationships — and yes, Fiona’s one source people should trust about relationships ;P”

-yeah, right. haha! was that sarcasm or what? grr.

reciprocity is just one thing, there are a lot of factors that would have to be met in those relationship expectations.

“you’re not behaving like you love me, it’s not genuine.”

–The perfect line for advertisers who just blabber their messages to their target audience. They seem to show honesty in the love, the concern, and the message they puke out of their billboards and TVCs, not knowing that the consumers are wise enough to really think and know that the love, the concern, and the message is fake.

I think, aside from a 2-way communication, a well-targeted audience and a tedious research about their behavior and psyche is the key:)

yes, arven, just what like sir chong and sir barry would tell us, always treat your audience as smart people and not just some passive consumers. Lalo na ngayon, itis the age of prosumers who are very opinionated about the products they use, with the availability of the internet, prosumers can easily voice out what they have to say about a certain product. i guess more than the ads and the promotions, these opinions would really make or break a certain product or brand.

This is the best vid I watched for this sem. 😀 It’s a classic! lol It’s OrCom in every screen. We must always make sure that whatever we say, will be understood, and whatever they say, we must understand. We must never impose our thoughts to our audience!

yes, i agree eldin. well, as what our professors would always tell us, people are not stupid especially in this generation that they already know what they want and need, and they aalready have opinions on every matter that they are concerned about.

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