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FACEBOOK, I am hooked on Facebook!

Posted on: October 27, 2009

Confessions of a Facebook Addict

I’ve only had my Facebook account come my senior year, thanks to my officemates in Euro RSCG-Agatep (where i had my ojt). They told me that Facebook would be the easiest way to keep in touch. Ms. Sheila told me that she would upload our pictures and would just “tag” (i didn’t even know what tagging was back then i had no idea what she was talking about!)  me so i could see those pictures. So at my last day at work, i made a Facebook account at the office and add them up.

And that day started my addiction.

Well, here are some of the signs that I truly am addicted to this social networking site:

1. I rarely open my Friendster account.

2. My first thoughts in the morning are “Oh no, my employees must have died already.” or “ï should harvest my plants before someone steals them” or “i should serve the food now or it would rot.” or “i should harvest my plants or it would wither”.

3. My daily conversations involve a lot of Facebook-related topics. ican’t remember a day in  my life since i had my Facebook account that i didn’t talk about it with other people.

4. When there’s nothing else to talk about, i don’t talk about the weather, i converse about Facebook.

5. I encourage other people to have their Facebook account because it’s so much fun.

6. I check  all my game apps in Facebook before  i go to bed.

7.  I get into fights because of Facebook. I remember selling all of Puroy’s horses in Farmville because i was mad at him. it’s kind of the way i’m getting even.

8. I got really sad when my fishes in fishworld died.

9. i sometimes get affected in the results of some quizzes or advice i get from the applications. it affects my mood. really.

10. Despite all the school works i have to finish, i cannot not open my Facebook. So I multitask. (80% Facebook, 20% school stuff)

there, i am officially addicted to Facebook. I love/hate Facebook. Grr.


6 Responses to "FACEBOOK, I am hooked on Facebook!"

same here. facebook’s effect on me..It soothes my tensed brain because of stress.

Your signs of facebook addiction made me laugh really. I don’t play any of their applications so I don’t get it why you’re so worried about pets, workers and farm. hahaha.

hahaha. you should try one, ayessa. it would be really fun. it’s like you have a real pet, a real farm, a real restaurant–minus the messy and tiring part of course.

this FB addiction is very alarming, isnt it? people especially us students should really learn how to moderate this ‘addiction’, or else it can get the better of us.

yes, jenna. i think what is important is we should learn to prioritize things and manage our time wisely. i am sometimes guilty of this, putting Facebook on top of my priority list. time management is the key. after all, all work and no play will make us all stressed and dull, right? =))

i’ve seen this video already during one of the reports in our PopCulture (PA141) class..

haha. i think i’m one of those people who can still resist the temptations of facebook. though i’ve seen you guys enjoy playing apps, answering quizzes and posting in walls (now i’m a bit more familiar with fb jargon 🙂 ), i still am not that attracted to it. 🙂

you guys are being enslaved by facebook. really. 😛

Fantastic – really fantastic matter. I will write about it too!

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