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Saab’s Christmas and Birthday Wishlist

Posted on: December 9, 2011

This Christmas is going to be Saab’s first one. Her first birthday is also nearly just two weeks from now. Since all that’s coming from her mouth are “tata”, “mama”, “dad”, and other things with meanings unknown to everyone around her, I will be the one making her a wishlist. Yes, a wishlist is indeed needed these times. First of all, for you people to not anymore stress over what to give her on Christmas and on her birthday (yes, I meant that separately, one for Christmas and one for her birthday. HAHAHA!). And second, so that SAAB would not be disappointed once she opens your gifts. :)) alright, without further ado, here’s Saab’s 2 occasions-in-1 wishlist:

1. Clothes– Although she doesn’t have enough room for more clothes, It’s great to have cute dresses, body suits, and other fashionable clothes for Saab here. Admit it, clothes look cuter and more adorable when they’re smaller. I love shopping for Saab’s clothes and so will you. Perhaps, you can buy her another closet or storage for her clothes, too. :))

Size: Small, 12-18 mos.

2. Shoes– Of course, to match those cute clothes, there should be cute shoes, too.

Size: 5 inches/13cm

3. Swimsuits– We are planning to go to the beach in the summer. Since I cannot wear a bikini for myself, thanks to all the stretchmarks and the flabs on my tummy, I would let Saab wear all those nice bikinis instead. HAHAHA!

Size: Small/Medium

4. Toys– Saab prefers educational toys, musical toys (is that the term used for toys that produce sounds?), toys that she can ride on. No stuffed toys please.

5. Play tents– I remember when I was a kid that I always want to have a fortress, so I always built one with blankets and pillows. I know almost everyone of us did that when we’re kids. I would like to spare Saab the energy and the effort and settle with play tents instead. Hah!

6. CDs or DVDs of nursery songs and ‘educational’ cartoons– I need this so that once in a while, Saab would sit in one corner, would not want to play at all, just sit there and watch, or listen to music. Besides, to those who watched, you know how the Twinkle Twinkle video affects her and I kind of like it when she’s almost hypnotized just like that.

7. Huggies Dry Comfort Large– Well, if you cannot find any of the above, if you are too lazy to to find one, or if you have read this too late and you do not have time left to find the perfect gift for Saab, then you can settle with this:

Well, I hope you find this list useful. Actually, it really is useful, right? Okay, guys, make me a happy mommy and let’s make Saab a happy baby this Christmas and on her birthday! 🙂


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