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Now that Christmas is fast-approaching, and so is Saab’s first birthday, I am having my Christmas wish list posted for everyone, including strangers, to see. Why? Because my priority now is to save for Saab’s first birthday ballerina-themed party, ergo, I cannot or I should not buy things for myself. So I am leaving all my wants and needs for you guys to buy if you ever feel like sharing your blessings this coming Christmas…NOT! No, I am not asking, I am mandating you to give me gifts! Haha!

So here’s the list:

1. Eye glasses: NEED

Because I spend more than 12 hours of my day, 6 days of my week in front of the computer I don’t have the 20/20 vision I had just 2 years ago. Now, I my eyesight is so poor, I probably won’t recognize you if you are walking towards me from 3 or more meters away. I am also having severe headaches in which I attribute to my poor eyesight as well. You see, eye glasses (check-up, lens, frame) cost P4k or more and I cannot simply afford to buy one. Yes, I am just being stingy. And because New Girl is my new favorite show, I want glasses like that of hers.

UPDATE: FOR THOSE WHO ARE PLANNING TO GIVE ME NUMBER 1, YOU CAN CHOOSE AMONG THE OTHERS BECAUSE THIS HAS JUST BEEN BOUGHT (A BIG THANK YOU TO THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THIS!). Well, not exactly like Jessica Day’s because it did not look good on me because one, I have a small face, and two, I have like the worst nose ever. So I opted for this:

2. HP Pavilion G6 Luminous Rose Laptop or Karim Rashid Asus 1008P Pink 10.1-inch Netbook: NEED and WANT

Okay. So maybe, 70% need and 30% want because the laptop I am using now for work is working perfectly fine. And I know nothing about laptop specifications and whatever technical features these laptops have. I only want them for their color, obviously. A regular black laptop looks too boring to look at, especially if you have to look at it for more than half a day. Seriously, I need one of these laptops, you guys!

HP Pavilion G6 Luminous Rose Laptop

Karim Rashid Asus 1008P Pink 10.1-inch Netbook

3. Rompers, Cardigans, and Dresses: WANT

Again, I love New Girl and I love Jessica Day’s style. It is quirky and fun. I know I wont really look like Jessica Day nor Zooey Deschanel but I still want to have that kind of style. Besides, I know it is weird but I feel guilty now whenever I buy things for myself especially if those things are just ‘wants’ and not ‘needs’ so I am letting you do the job.

4. Flats: WANT

I know I do not have a social life. I know I don’t go out that much because of work. I know I don’t need this much of flats but heck, they are all adorable. And I don’t wear heels, at all. So, I think flats are kind of a need for me, too.

5. High-Waist Shorts: WANT

Again, I just need a closet revamp and I want this new closet to be Jessica Day inspired. So, yeah, high-waist shorts would be perfect! They are ultra-comfy and they would definitely hide those unwanted fats on my tummy. Or not? I don’t know but they look really cute.

6. UP Shirts: WANT

I am into UP t-shirts now, too for I think I didn’t buy UP shirts when I was still at the University. I don’t know. I just thought that going to school everyday and then wearing UP shirts is a bit OA. But now that I graduated already, I would like to remind myself where I came from, once in a while. And I really think UP shirts now are more badass than those released before. UP pride! HAHA!

Shirts and Jacket From Diliman Republic

7. Harry Potter Books: WANT

I know you would not call me a Harry Potter fan anymore if I would tell you that I have not read any of the books yet. Believe me, I want to! But, the old lazy me just didn’t want to. As anybody of you may know, I am not such a fan of reading books but for Harry Potter, I am willing to do it. So, for this Christmas I would really like to have a complete set of Harry Potter books for me to read (or for Saab to read when she grows up so she could relay the story to me).

I really want the hardcover set in a chest...

...but the paperback set will do, too.

8. Harry Potter Complete DVD Collection: NEED

Yes, this, definitely I need. I need the original DVDs so I can be able to watch the special features and documentaries included in the DVDs. But if you can find pirated ones with those included, I would definitely appreciate them as well. I need these. Seriously, I have been asking stores at least once a week if they already have a complete set but they still don’t. Please find a set for me!

9. DVDs of Movies and TV Series

As you may know now, I am more of a TV-person than a book-person (Harry Potter books and Mitch Albom books would be the only exception). And I really hate waiting for an episode a week of TV series. So you can really make me happy by giving me (pirated or original) DVDs of movies and the TV series that I watch and I want to watch. In terms of movies, any genre would do except horror films that involve ghosts and exorcism. As for TV series, I would be a really happy and hoppy bunny if you would give me House M.D. seasons 6 and 7, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. seasons 1-10, How I Met Your Mother seasons 1-7, and One Tree Hill seasons 7-9. I’ve got the complete seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and I have been watching the latest seasons of Gossip Girl and New Girl online so you don’t have to get me those.

10. Make-up: WANT

Specifically, lipsticks of these shades (pink, brown, and  bright red), POWERFUL concealer, and blushes. Apparently, I gave up on the eye make-ups when I realized there is no way I am going to learn how to use them. Just a waste of money, so I am opting for these instead.
11. Chocolate: NEED

These are my favorite chocolates, Lindt pure white chocolate, Toblerone white chocolate, Galaxy pure milk chocolate, and Ferrero Rocher. You can give me these for these are a need to my life right now but other brands of chocolates will be welcome, too.

A heartfelt letter on a greeting card, a picture and a greeting posted on Facebook, a phone call


Of course I am not at all that materialistic so these three above would also do (Hi, Paula! I want one of these 3 + one of the other 9 from you :))

So friends and family, you know what you have to do. Besides greeting Jesus a happy birthday, you have to make this happen. Yes, I am putting the pressure on you guys. HAHAHA!


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